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Health Maintenance Visits

Often you won’t have anything wrong with your body. There’s no illness or injury, and it doesn’t seem that you have any specific reason to see a doctor. Still, even though nothing seems wrong, you’d like to make sure it stays that way. This is when you’ll want to visit your local San Antonio clinic for a health maintenance visit to have a doctor confirm you are still in great health.


A health maintenance visit basically involves a check-up from a primary care physician. This is a routine visit for your doctor to confirm that there is nothing wrong with you, make sure that your body is functioning normally, and catch any issues or illnesses that may be starting before they can become a serious problem. People in good health are often advised to visit for a health maintenance appointment at least once every two to three years.


Health maintenance can prevent health problems later. Hospital visits for serious issues can be inconvenient and incredibly costly. This is why it’s better to come in for regular health maintenance visits to catch any minor issues before they become serious. These regular visits are also a great time to bring up any health questions or concerns you may have. This way, you don’t have to go in for an extra visit to address these concerns every time some small thing arises.

Your health is important to you, which means it’s important to us. That’s why we at University Heights Medical Associates are here for you no matter what, whether you have any specific medical concerns or you’re just coming in for a regular health maintenance visit. As one of the largest providers in South Texas, we’re prepared to work with you to ensure you get the health care you deserve.

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