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Same Day Medical Appointments

Sometimes you have a medical concern that is too urgent to wait for an appointment. Still, it’s not quite serious enough to rush to a hospital or an emergency room. In these situations, you should make a same-day appointment with your doctor. Fortunately, University Heights Medical Associates lets you do that at their local San Antonio clinic.


A same-day medical appointment is a non-urgent appointment that you schedule with your doctor on the same day you want to go in. You can schedule a same-day medical appointment whether your concern is severe or not. However, while this kind of appointment should be made for any pressing concerns, it should not be used for emergencies or life-threatening situations. Those kinds of circumstances require urgent care, or a hospital visit instead.


There are many benefits to same-day medical appointments. They help establish trust between the patient and their doctor, letting the patient know their doctor will always be available to help whenever they are concerned about their health. These appointments also save patients money. When there’s a pressing medical concern, but the local clinic doesn’t offer same-day appointments, they may resort to urgent care or a hospital visit, which is much more costly. On the other hand, some patients find it difficult to schedule appointments in advance, especially when trying to find time in their schedules. It is easier for them to wait for a day when they know they are free and then make a same-day appointment.


Whenever you have a medical concern, emergency or not, you deserve healthcare that is there for you. At University Heights Medical Associates, we are committed to giving you proper healthcare when you need it. Whether it’s a same-day medical appointment or any other healthcare needs, our San Antonio clinic is here for you.

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