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Urgent Visits

In life, sometimes it seems that the only thing you can truly expect is the unexpected. Whether the unexpected comes in the form of an accident, a surprise illness, or any other medical situation, this is when you’ll need to come in for an urgent visit. Depending on the severity of your medical concern, University Heights Medical Associates has an ExpressMed clinic available.

An urgent visit is appropriate when you have a medical concern that requires immediate doctor’s attention. This could be for a moderately pressing concern outside of your doctor’s office hours. You may not always be sure if your medical concern counts as urgent, but you should always err on the side of caution or at least ask a professional. When you visit our ExpressMed clinic for an urgent visit, your medical concern will be treated as soon as possible.

Serious medical conditions and situations can quickly become life-altering or fatal if not treated quickly. That’s why you’ll want to come in for an urgent visit instead of waiting to make an appointment with your doctor. When you come in for an urgent visit, you’ll often receive faster, more personal care than in an emergency room connected to a hospital, which typically has a higher volume of patients.

Whenever you’re facing an urgent medical issue or you fear that your health is at risk, you deserve healthcare that will be able to treat you immediately. Our ExpressMed clinics are staffed with board-certified doctors ready and capable of treating you efficiently and effectively. You deserve the peace of mind knowing that University Heights Medical Associates is here for you whenever the unexpected strikes.

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